Buriganga Riverkeeper Celebrated the Event, ‘Riverine Bangladesh and our Buriganga’ with School Children

With the Initiative of Buriganga Riverkeeper on 15th May, 2017 a river based awareness program was organized in cooperation with the Bangladesh Bank. With the title ‘Riverine Bangladesh and Our Buriganga’, the event was held at Anwarya Begum Muslim Girls’ High School and College in order to send valuable messages among school students to save the river Buriganga from pollution and encroachment. Also, the purpose of the event was to enlighten the young generation about the necessity of river in our daily life.

Sharmeen Murshid , Member of the National River Conservation Committee, was the chief guest. Sharif Jamil, Buriganga Riverkeeper and Joint Secretary of BAPA, was present as the key note speaker during the event.  Apart from this, Sareena Hossain,  Principal of Anowara Begum Muslim Girls’ High School and College; Sohag Mahajan, Spokesperson of Old Dhaka Station; and Vice President of Dhaka Youth Club International, Awlad Hossain Robin were also present at the event. In addition, the event was presided over by Sheikh Mohammad Alamgir, Chairman of Administration Committee of Anowara Begum Muslim Girls’ High School and College.

Sharif Jamil through his presentation said to the students that our agriculture, water supply, fisheries, communication system, social status, culture largely depends on the river. He mentioned the river as the mother of Bengal.  He further briefed the students on the source of origin of Burignaga as well as the other major rivers surrounding the Dhaka city. Further, he alleged that in order to protect Buriganga from grabbing and pollution, people from all walks of time should come forward and work hand in hand.

In her speech, Sharmeen Murshid urged all the female students to realize the advantages and disadvantages of rivers in our livelihoods. She also urged that all should start working for the betterment of the rivers from their own positions. Furthermore, she also encouraged all the students to spread this message among their friends, relatives and parents.