Buriganga Riverkeeper and Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) jointly observed ‘The World Water Day 2016’

Buriganga Riverkeeper and Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) initiated a program to observe the ‘World Water Day 2016’ on March 22. To observe the day, the organizers arranged a Children Art Program at the riverbank school in Basila.

The program was held at Basila (old) Government Primary School at 11 am in the morning. The school students took part in the art/drawing activity. The theme of the activity was ‘My River’. Sharif Jamil, Buriganga Riverkeeper and Joint Secretary of BAPA; ASM Rejuan of Buriganga Riverkeeper; Manabendra Deb of Waterkeepers Bangladesh; Manik Bepari, the Chairman of the managing committee of the school, and the Headmaster of the school, Ashraful Alam were present on the occasion. To create awareness among the people living by the bank of Buriganga, Buriganga Riverkeeper has been organizing different programs since 2009. This activity is a part of the continuous initiatives.

The concept of World Water Day first came to the world’s attention by Agenda 21 of the Rio declaration of 1992. The General Assembly of the United Nations Organization declared the March 22, as the World Water Day in 1993. Since then, the UN member countries every year observe this day. The theme of the World Water Day 2016 is ‘Water and Jobs’.

Buriganga Riverkeeper first explained the importance of the river along with the involvement of such water body in our life and livelihoods to the students. It was meant to feel and visualize the Buriganga from their attachments with the river from childhood. The event was organized by the bank of the river, from where the students could see, feel and draw anything related to the river.  Some art works were amazing and live where the encroachment to the river exposed very clearly. The event engaged the riverbank children with the protection efforts for the river significantly.

The news of the event was published in some of the national dailies. Please find important links below: