Information gathering and community engagement

The Buriganga Riverkeeper had conducted a series of information gathering and community mobilization activities in last two months. To collect information/data, the Buriganga Riverkeeper team conducted number of data collection visits to the River Buriganga and its adjacent areas. During those visits, the team talked to the local people and documented relevant information on untreated pollutant discharge points, faulty demarcation pillars, ongoing river encroachment, the full grabbing of the 2nd  channel and the source face of the Buriganga.

To mobilize the community people living in 8 wards on the riverbank, Buriganga Riverkeeper will conduct social and community mobilization activities throughout the year. As a part of these activities the organization had conducted several community meetings in different areas on the riverbank; like, Kamrangirchar, Vakurta, Basila, Hazaribagh and others. During these meetings, the Riverkeeper team emphasized on various issues on the River Buriganga, like- importance of the river, water pollution, illegal sand extraction, encroachment, social responsibilities etc.