Save River through Song: Movement towards saving the Buriganga from grabbing and pollution

An awareness campaign took place named ‘Save River through Song’ in order to save the Buriganga from grabbing and pollution, arranged by Buriganga Riverkeeper, on 28th February morning at Basila Old Government Primary School. At the event of school annual sports program, cultural team of Buriganga Riverkeeper informed the students and parents about the importance of saving the river from grabbing and pollution. The program was a continuation of the Buriganga Riverkeeper program activities to address the encroachment problem of the River Buriganga. Besides, a cultural team hired by the Buriganga Riverkeeper presented their own composed folks songs, to protect the river Buriganga under the leadership of Muqtadir Ibena Salam. Moreover, Buriganga Riverkeeper has been carrying out numerous workshops, with the individuals from Basila and other working class people who depend on the Buriganga river bank, for creating awareness and finding solution for the ongoing encroachment, grabbing and pollution.

Abdul Karim Kim, General Secretary BAPA-Sylhet and Surma River Waterkeeper, said that the movement towards saving the river would go on. River has to be saved for the sake of human. The next generation should take part in the movement hence the workshop was being held at a school. More workshops are to be carried out along the river bank. In that program, the organizers revealed the encroachment activities by government organizations, industrial companies, commercial agencies and local people. The chairman of the school committee Md. Manik Hosen chaired the event. In addition, Dhaka North city Corporation Ward No.33 counselor Md. Tarekujjaman Rajib, Principal of the school Khaleda Parvin, and Md. Ikram Hossain spoke for the cause.