Buriganga Riverkeeper strives to protect the river Buriganga and the ecosystem by ensuring the flow of safe water through the engagement of informed and empowered communities in upholding enforcement of environmental laws for the effective sustenance of livelihoods and the health of citizenry.

Our Threats

Household waste

The Buriganga has become the primary dumping ground for nearly 1,000,000 city residents living on or near the riverbank. Insufficient municipal waste management facilities exacerbate this maltreatment of the Buriganga, as people throw refuse into the river indiscriminately in the absence of ... read more

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Industrial discharge

Despite an official ban on the production and use of polythene bags in Dhaka, some 250 factories are still illegally making and supplying these bags to approximately 6,000,000 city dwellers every day. On average, 52% of the bags are used only once, and then discarded into drains and canals across ... read more

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Lack of government enforcement

The total population of Dhaka City grew from 0.1 million in 1906 to 9.9 million in 2000. The average annual national growth rate of the urban population in Bangladesh has doubled over the past decade (2000‐2009), at 3.3% compared to 1.8% respectively. The high rate of urban population growth has ... read more

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Buriganga Riverkeeper Celebrated the Event, ‘Riverine Bangladesh and our Buriganga’ with School Children

With the Initiative of Buriganga Riverkeeper on 15th May, 2017 a river based awareness program was organized in cooperation with the Bangladesh Bank. With the title ‘Riverine Bangladesh and Our Buriganga’, ... read more

Campaign to Raise Awareness for Saving Buriganga River through Song – Day 7

Final day of the event, ‘Save River through Song’, was held on May 10th, 2017. The final two events were held in the same day. The morning event was held in Wiseghat, Dhaka. ... read more

Campaign to Raise Awareness for Saving Buriganga River through Song – Day 6

On 9th of May, Buriganga Riverkeeper continued its 6th day of ‘Save River through Song’ programme, in Showari Ghat, Dhaka. Buriganga Riverkeeper’s team along with the ... read more

Campaign to Raise Awareness for Saving Buriganga River through Song – Day 1

By the initiative of Buriganga Riverkeeper, an awareness event titled as ‘Save River through Song’ was organized on Wednesday, 3rd of May 2017. Dhaka Sadarghat Launch Terminal ... read more

Consultation Meeting with Community People at Basila

Buriganga Riverkeeper always initiates participatory approaches to mobilize community people with organization’s activities and overall river protection efforts. To engage ... read more

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